Happy 40th Birthday PRMH, Happy 40th Birthday PRMH

Happy 40th Birthday PRMH

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Almost 20 years ago, I began volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of South Florida and so began a life long friendship with the Ronald McDonald Charities . Went I went away to school I began volunteering at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House and then my family members stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis for several months.

Over the years at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House I meet many families and made some amazing friends including Talia Castellano(TaliaJoy18) who would spent her time in the evening going over MAC Cosmetics latest products with me.

In the ten plus years I spent in Philadelphia, I met hundreds of families from around the globe and loved working with the staff in raising money and awareness for the house. I remember the day we open thePhiladelphia Ronald Mcdonald House Front & Erie because I saw the building go up from my office window.

Today, as the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, the “First House That Loved Built” celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary, I and my family couldn’t be more prouder to show our love and support for such an AMAZING organization.

Please consider making a donation to any one of these wonderful houses or volunteer at your local house.

Even though we are far, we will always continue our love and support of these four houses and the organization as a whole.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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