Crayola 24 Count Classic Colors Crayons

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Crayola 24 Count Classic Colors Crayons

The classic kids’ art tool with the colors that several generations have grown up with.

Robust, true-hue assortment gives you your choice of vibrant primary, secondary and intermediate colors; and each crayon’s wrapper is doubled to ensure that the labeling stays where it belongs while providing the crayon, itself, with extra strength and snap resistance.

Color Assortment: Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Black, Orange, Violet, Blue Violet, Blue Green, Red Violet, Carnation Pink, Yellow Orange, Red Orange, Yellow Green, White, Gray, Violet Red, Indigo, Dandelion, Cerulean, Green Yellow, Apricot, Scarlet.

  • Item No.: 52-3024
  • Pack of 24 Non-washable crayons
  • Diverse color assortment, with classic and new colors
  • Color Max offers the brightest, truest Crayola colors yet
  • Easily portable box for home or school use
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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