Beko Baby Elena Baby Leather Shoe White

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Beko Baby


Beko Baby Elena Baby Leather Shoe White

The Elena is our Italian leather with perforated upper model.

This style is perfect for the warmer days of the year, as well as transition months when it’s still chilly out but not cold enough for furry boots!

Our zipper system means these shoes are simple for parents to put on, but difficult for children to take off. Say bye-bye to lost shoes.

  • Handmade: Every shoe is assembled and finished by hand
  • Outer Body: Made of luxuriously soft and durable Italian leather, which permits proper contouring to the foot and also allows the foot to breathe
  • Outer sole: Extraordinarily flexible in all directions, and provides excellent traction to greatly reduce risk of slips and falls
  • Inner sole: Features an orthopedic cushion which helps to support proper bone development
  • Zipper closure: A leather lining runs beneath the zipper, on the inside of the shoe, protecting small feet from irritation and discomfort
  • Bootie style: Coverage of the base of the ankles increases support and protection
  • Arch support
  • Rounded toe box
  • Italian Leather
  • Pediatrician recommended and aprroved
  • 100% Leather Upper, Lining & Sock
  • 100% Rubber soles
  • Spot clean
  • Made in Bulgaria


    • How does the shoe work?

The under-arch zipper runs 180 degrees from one side, under the shoe to the other side, which allows the shoe to be opened up all the way.

    • Is there protection under the zipper?

Yes. There is a solid strip of leather which runs between the zipper and insole of the shoe, keeping your baby’s foot safe and comfortable.

    • Does the leather stretch?

Our Italian leather is very supple and will stretch a bit with your child’s regular wearing. If the ankle area is tight when you first put the shoe on your child, you can expect it to gradually stretch and mold to better fit his or her ankle. (Although please account for ankles growing chubbier! This is typical in the ages between 9-24 months.)

    • How do I keep the zipper clean?

We use high quality zippers, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble with sand or dirt getting stuck in the zipper teeth. If an extreme amount of dirt does get caked on the bottom of the shoes around the zipper area, simply take a dry cloth, old toothbrush, or bristle shoe brush to clean the affected area.

    • How do I care for my shoes?

We recommend maintaining the Italian leather uppers with a high quality leather conditioner (such as mink oil), using a soft cloth– just remember to test a small, inconspicuous part of the shoe first. To remove miscellaneous stains (we know kid’s shoes get dirty no matter what!), simply use a wet wash cloth with a mild hand soap and gently clean the affected area. Be aware that cleaning the leather with a wet cloth and soap may cause damage to the leather, so test a small area and work gently. Do not soak the shoes. Do not use stain removers.

    • Where are the shoes made?

Our shoes are made in the country of Bulgaria.

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