Kaloo Les Amis Caramel Puppy Pacifier Holder

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Kaloo Les Amis Caramel Puppy Pacifier Holder

Kaloo Les Amis pacifier holder puppy – Caramel helps baby carry around their favorite and most calming accessory. Plush, happy little dog face has a clip to attach a security blanket, or to attach to your child’s clothes and a string to attach either a pacifier or a teether. Everything a child could want when being put down for a nap, or want to keep around when travelling! includes a 11cm .

Plush strip with a puppy head, clip and a string. Recommended for children of all ages.

  • Item No.: K962763
  • Approx Size: 11 cm / 4.00 inches
  • Designed in France and made from the highest quality plush fabrics available
  • The leading brand of quality baby plush in France
  • Kaloo takes great care in selecting the colors and the contrast of tactile relationships for a child’s developmental experiences
  • Presented in a beautiful round gift box with intricate details demonstrating the care and the quality that is put into the babies new special friend
  • Machine washable and can tumble dry on low so your friend is always clean and beautiful looking
  • Ages: 0 months and up
  • Imported