Limeapple Tenley Dress

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Limeapple Tenley Dress

Celebrate with this stunning creation from Limeapple. We’ve taken style to a whole new level with our Tenley Dress. It has all the right essentials for fun. With its dual layers, this dress creates a dazzling array of texture and colors. The bell shaped curve creates an elegant, timeless look. Look at how the bright shades of lime green complement the turquoise in the back. Plus, the super cute heart-shaped cutout pattern adds even more pop to your style. This is the perfect outfit for day trips to the beach, gardening in your community, or hitting the mall with your friends. You’re bound to stay busy, so why not get the dress that’s designed for all of your adventures in the sun. Get ready for the changing seasons with our beautiful Tenley Dress.

  • Machine washable
  • Exclusive Limeapple design
  • Imported

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