NIC/Walter Stacking Column Cone Wooden Toy

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NIC/Walter Stacking Column Cone Wooden Toy

Kegel-Stecksäule – stacking column cone.

It is great fun to build up in different ways. Grasp forms, recognize colours, plug them together sorted according to sizes. The classical educational toy which is great fun!

All paints and varnishes are on water base, that means absolutely non-poisonous, fast to saliva and fast to perspiration. A production conforming to CE and a control by the TÜV product service underline the term “valuable toys”.

Soft round shapes and sturdy construction are particularly suitable for children 10 months or older.

  • Item No.: 2311
  • Made of polished Maplewood
  • Size: 4.5″ height
  • Ages: 10 months and up
  • Made in Germany
  • Imported

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